Friday, 17 June 2011

NIBO Merchandise

After getting the consultants in it's been decided that the Not Interesting Boring Association will temporarilly rebrand itself the Not Interesting Boring Ocsillation to fit in with their new policy of suppressing rare birds whilst at the same time charging you a tenner for the privilege of a service that you don't really need......and then changing their mind when it's too late and the birds have gone. We look forward to the day they suppress an Irish or West Pal first - surely this is the future

In order to maximise the potential of all the membership money spent on the rebranding exercise the NIBO committee has decided to blow the rest on some snazzy merchandise, the money generated from sales will hopefully be enough to print the next 'Nobirds Big Book of Nobirding Report' sometime around the year 2018.

NIBO Fashionable Birding Trousers!! (only £10!!!)

Impress the ladies and the peasants who pay their membership subs with these stunning birding trousers that send out the message that you're a birder who can combine business and pleasure anytime. Thanks to the remarkable non-stick material used in these trousers you'll never have to worry about those irritating stilton cheese stains. Imagine that? You'll never get stiltoned again! A must have for the non-peasant birder who thinks he's a cut above the rest.

NIBO Stylish Birding Attack Belt!! (only £10!!!)

Combine style and self defence with this NIBO birding attack belt - when being chased by peasants asking for their ten pounds back simply whip them into shape through the simple act of taking your clothes off. The quick and easy release action allows the opportunity to flail about wildly with your trousers round your ankles lashing out in the hope of hitting the mark. Perfect for keeping upstarts in line at committee meetings.

NIBO Manly Birding Beard!! (only £10!!!)

Deluxe fake beard for incognito birding. A must have accessory for turning up at all those suppressed rarities and parties - avoid crowds of local peasants with pitchforks and tripods annoyed at not seeing birds like Monty's Harrier by wearing this super stylish stick-on face minge. Available in 6 colours. Black, white, black, white, black or ginger.