Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Terns v Black Headed Gulls the War at the Reserve continues

With the departure of the Co.Down Pantymime Horse to a life in the Theatre the poor Terns at the reserve have had to go to war against the Black Headed Gulls or face extinction. They were doing extremely well and had the upper hand on both Tern Islands. However at the weekend things took a serious turn when the Black Headed Gulls signed a peace treaty with Joe Stalin the Buzzard and have joined forces in the war against the Terns. The United Nations Security Council are doing nothing and turning a blind eye to this dastardly alliance.
Above photo by Ian Dickey shows the Buzzard Bomber flanked by Black Headed Gull Messerschmitts. The Tern Spitfires are trying valiantly to fight them off in the "Battle of the Reserve"

Above the battle commences moment later 45 Terns lay dead and the Black Headed Gull flag was flying over Tern Island 1.

However there is no word on what side the Fox is going to side with, he is just going to be an oppurtunist, just the way Fox's are! They are partial to a little Soda or Veda Bread however!

Many thanks to Ian Dickey for the great photos and idea!