Friday, 30 September 2011

Bird News Friday 30th September

Thanks to Alistair Prentice for this Whitearse shot

In Co. Down:
The American Golden Plover was seen at Kirkiston again for 15mins before farmer came into field with tractor also 13 Golden Plover, 50 Lapwing, 3 Buzzards and a peregrine (Stephen McCandless)

2 Curlew Sandpiper,1 Little Egret and (briefly) 30 Brent Geese were at Belfast Harbour Estate RSPB (Brian Douglas)

216 Black-tailed Godwits, 2 Ruffs & 2 Knots were seen from the Quoile hide. Also saw 2 Migrant Hawkers in front of hide,  probably a first for this site (David Nixon)

The Last of the Mohicans aka the The Last of the Achill Photos

Many thanks to M O'Callaghan for these splebdid photos of juveniles of the following species: American Golden Plover, Bairds Sandpiper, Buff Breasted Sandpiper and Semipalmated Sandpiper. We are here to educate!

Patti makes us laugh

Patti Smith has plenty of time on her hands as she is currently serving 17 years in Louisianna State Penetenchery for smuggling 6 tonnes of Cocaine from Columbia. Patti didn't even need the money as she is a multi millionairess after being left money by her uncle James Rockafeller, she just done it for something to do. Patti tells us the above photo is real and is not a photoshop job, she will be telling us next the Co.Down Pantymime Horse isn't a complete Prat or that Sad and Lonely isn't in fact Sad or Lonely, she makes us laugh

Whats that Poo

Hi Moderators
I cannot work the comments bit on the blog it wont let me perhaps you could put my thoughts to Mr. D on the Poo thread.
It could be the Sandhill Crane that is covering vast areas in seconds down the East coast of Scotland/Northumberland today, it is flying so fast it could have covered the whole of Ireland in the night. If you read "Pantymime Horses of the Western Pal" you will see that this species that is only found wild in Northern Ireland covers its poo like a cat does. Trackers from as far away as Cumbria have failed to track this horse due to the very fact it wears large shoes and a Prat Hat that makes everyone laugh (as seen in the rare photographs) and covers its poo, you only have to think about it to know it doesn't belong to the Pantymime Horse with its diet of rare Waders would not produce a sticky poo.
Patsy Pat aka Don Bosco

American Golden Plover

Got a big surprise this morning when logging onto the Nobirds site when i came across a really rather spiffing photo of a Corncrake!! Very good i thought well done the Nobirds but then a little light light came on in my brain. Corncrake in Northern Ireland??? I quickly checked all their sightings and lo and behold no Corncrake. So its downright and utter SUPPRESSION or else they are useing photographs of birds from outside Northern Ireland and not telling anyone. Everyone was surprised recently when they led with a photo from Donegal, we all know why they done that but its against their stated ethos of Northern Ireland birds first and foremost. So once again another major cock up by the Nobirds just when you thought they couldn't get any worse.
Here are some pictures of the American Golden Plover at Kirkistown (Northern Ireland) by Robin Eames

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bird News Thursday 30th September

Thanks to Robin Eames for this "AGP In The Fog" photo. Robin has promised us more tomorrow but only if we go a little bit mad, should not be a problem Robin. O Yes and thanks for yet another scoop!

In Co.Down:
The American Golden Plover was still at Kirkistown along with 2 Ruff.
A Black Brant and a Dark Bellied Brent were at the Floodgates, Newtownards

Great Skuas Cairnryan

Many thanks to Captain Bigship for these Great Skua photos taken from the Larne - Cairnryan Ferry. Any rarities seen from this boat regardless of how close the Boat is to Cairnryan will be included in the Nobirds Bird Report. In fact any bird seen in the UK will also be included (having an Irish and UK List is the way to go) although any bird seen anywhere else in Ireland will be given a by ball because they are big cheats down there. Anyway once wee Martin gets elected a United Ireland will follow quickly followed by Nobirds and IRBC amalgamating. We can but dream.

Achill Birding

Many thanks to M.Callaghan for these superb photos, quite the photographer i have to say! Have you got any out of focus photos you can send us or are you keeping them for the Nobirds lot?

Poo Detectives Needed

We're not experts in shit (even though we're up to our neck in it most of the time) so this is an international request to identify this. Actually, we know exactly what it is - we think it can only be a Pantymime Horse poo due to it's sticky-looking consistency but if you think different let us know

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wednesday 28th September

Thanks to David Walliams for this great photo taken at Killough. We thank David for not suppressing this bird an unusual occurence in that area.

In Co. Down:
2 juvenile Buff-breasted Sandpiper were at Kirkiston - present at 1800. Also 3 ruff, peregrine and 40 golden plover. No sign of AGP. (Richard Weyl)

In Co.Antrim:
A Kingfisher and 2 Jay were at Stranmillis (Ronald Surgenor)

In Co.Kerry:
Its all happening there with the Masked Ringed Plover still at Ventry. Just wait to next autumn when the Punkbirders hit Rathlin (flyover Upland Sand must be on the cards)

Strangford Luftwaffe

Thanks to Stephen McCandless for his quick fingers with the camera. Stephen noticed something was odd when he saw a party of Brent Geese marching in a line onto the mudflats at the floodgates in Newtonards. A rather burly, angry looking brent with a moustache and stripes was honking out orders to them and they all stood to attention. Lots of nazi salutes followed and several brent who stepped out of line recieved a beasting. Very strange stuff indeed but Stephen nearly pooped his pants when he saw what happened next!...........


Ian Dickeys a changed man i read recently in the Antrim Times. He is currently touring RSPB Reserves with a Troup of Ravens photographing all the goodies that he sees. The Ravens do an Acrobatic display while Ian stalks the birds and gets some killer photos (exhibit A-D) Ian promises some photos of the Ravens as well, he really likes them!

Poor Mrs Baines

I feel sorry for Pat Baines i really do. She tells me that Chris goes to the shop for milk and comes back with Tooty Fruitys. Pat likes Tooty Fruitys but not in her Cappuchinos. On another occasion she told Chris to cut the grass while she went to afternoon Bingo but on her return all the windows had been cleaned and polished. Unbelieveable.
I rang Chris up and told him that the Nobirds team were giving us a kicking and could he go out and photograph me a Pectoral Sandpiper. An easy enough task i thought and last night i got an email from Chris (as proud as punch he was) with these photos of a "Pectoral" Sandpiper. Whatever next Chris a Pacific Golden Plover, pull your socks up man. Poor Mrs Baines. Chris said he has some out of focus shots of Sandwhichs Terns if we wanted to use them, we all had a giggle over that one!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nobirds AGM

But of course we jest! The nobirds lads don't believe in AGM's or printing a report! Now.......if only somebody were to have produced a report on the birds of Northern Ireland covering the years 2009-2010.