Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Poor Mrs Baines

I feel sorry for Pat Baines i really do. She tells me that Chris goes to the shop for milk and comes back with Tooty Fruitys. Pat likes Tooty Fruitys but not in her Cappuchinos. On another occasion she told Chris to cut the grass while she went to afternoon Bingo but on her return all the windows had been cleaned and polished. Unbelieveable.
I rang Chris up and told him that the Nobirds team were giving us a kicking and could he go out and photograph me a Pectoral Sandpiper. An easy enough task i thought and last night i got an email from Chris (as proud as punch he was) with these photos of a "Pectoral" Sandpiper. Whatever next Chris a Pacific Golden Plover, pull your socks up man. Poor Mrs Baines. Chris said he has some out of focus shots of Sandwhichs Terns if we wanted to use them, we all had a giggle over that one!