Monday, 31 October 2011

Peregrine munches Goosander

Exclusive pictures from Myroe of a big fat Peregrine having lunch and there is only one thing on the Menu! Goosander!!! (you can clearly see the Redhead in the pictures) Its a pity that it eat the Goosander but there is a Goosander lookalike Red Breasted Merganser in the channels if you go up, if the Peregrine doesnt make dinner out of that one!!

Prolific or What??

I had my doubts about Colonel Gadaffi and his Seagull expolits but he is proveing me wrong with yet another batch of gull photos. Above is an adult Meddy, below a Ring Billed Gull and he finishes the set with a second winter Meddy. He is proveing a much better gull guru than he was dictator!

Snow Goose influx

No sooner as a Blue Phase Snow Goose is found in Fermanagh we have been sent in photos of 3 more Snow Geese!! The first 2 photos show two birds in Strangford Lough and have kindly been sent in by Stanley Farmer and the third photo shows a stunning White Phase Snow Goose at Lough Foyle and has been sent in by Curtis Maysfield from Limavady! Who knows just how many Snow Geese are out there!!

Bird News Monday 31st October Boo!

Who needs 3 pictures of a Rose Colored Starling when you can make do with one picture of 3 Starlings!! Many thanks to Stephen Maxwell for this classic!
Tomorrow we have exclusive pictures of more Snow Geese and a Peregrine eating the Myroe Goosander!

In Co.Londonderry:
A Curlew Sandpiper and 6 Whitefronted Geese were at Lough Beg

In Co. Down:
St John's Pt in fresh south, south-easterly 8.30 to 9.30 this morning: 1 Bonxie, 1 Arctic Skua, 1 Little Gull juv, 3 Arctic Terns, all juvs, 2 Manxies (late), 1 Red-throated Diver, 1Great Northern Diver. All going south except the Arctic skua (Chris Murphy)

Memories of a Rarity

It all seems so long ago (last week) since Northern Ireland had its first Cattle Egret.Thanks to Stephen McCandless for another shot of the Kinnegar Star.

....although, if you look at the earlier one he sent us last week below it looks like he's just used the flip image vertically function. Have we been had? I'm not sure, I can't see properly because I haven't had any alcohol today (and it's nearly one o'clock!)

Hold on a minute, I'll just pour myself a scotch....ahhhh I see what's happened, the bird turned around! Must keep my booze goggles on all day to stop myself making these mistakes

Colonel Comes up with the Goods!

You have got to hand it to Colonel Gadaffi, one week into his winter gull season he produces the goods! Second winter Meddy and adult Ring Billed is a good start but its no Ross's or Ivory but to be honest i will put nothing past the Colonel he is on a roll!

Happy Hallowe'en Part 2

Another spooky foreboding shot from Brian Douglas (this one made Derek soil his trousers when he saw it)

Time to stand up for our native culture. Pumpkins Out!
Bring Back The Turnip!

Happy Hallowe'en

...from Fuerteventura.
that the man in the room next door is a nobleman from Transylvania.He keeps himself
 to himself during the day but every once in a while one of his pets is allowed

Thanks to Brian Douglas for this spooky treat. He made us stick it on or else he was going to pelt Derek with eggs, knock over his bin and stick a banger through his letterbox

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bird News Sunday

Thats what i think of todays birding!! I managed to dip 10000 Golden Plovers on the Foyle. I am actually quite proud of this fact. Is that a record dip?? Over to you Andrew can you beat that!!

In Co. Londonderry:
A Curlew Sandpiper and 2 Whitefronted Geese were at Lough Beg.
Best bird on an all day Foyle Bash was a Peregrine!!

A Redhead Goosander ans a 2nd winter Meditterean Gull were seen at Myroe (although i had an odd Redhead Merganser in the Channel that at first glance reminded you off a Goosander, mmhhmm!!)

In Co.Armagh:

A male Ferruginous Duck and a male Red Crested Pochard were at Lurgan Park Lake. Nobirds say the Pochard is of unknown origin. For flip sake all ducks and birds for that matter are of unknown origin!!! They make me laugh no change that to they make me cry!! Go and se it and tick it!!!

In Co. Down:
11 Twite in Killough - feeding on daisy seed-heads in short grass beside small car park at foot of road leading up to coastguard cottages.

Also male Migrant Hawker, Killough Brick Pits, today at 2pm. (Chris Murphy)

75 Twite were at Tyrella South (Bob Shaw)

Burial Island - 1st winter little gull, 2 Arctic tern, 200 kittiwake, 1 g-n diver. Ballyquintin Point - jack snipe, chiffchaff, merlin, 3 g-n diver, 1 r-t diver, 14 common scoter, 300+ kittiwake. Quintin bay - 2 Sandwich tern. Sheep Point - c10 twite with linnet.Kircubbin - 1 g-n diver (Richard Weyl)

The 2nd winter Ring Billed Gull was still at Groomsport

In Co.Donegal:

The returning PARVIPES type Canada Goose has reurned to Malin Village.

Yesterday - 29th
30 whooper swan in flooded stubble near Kirkiston. Cloughy bay - 3 sandwich tern. Millisle. - 1 sanderling (Ricahrd Weyl)

Yesterday Rarity!!
A Ferruginous Duck (the returning male)was as usual looking suppressed at Lurgan Park Lake!! Lurgan is the new Cornwall!

Saturday, 29 October 2011


A juvenile Rose Coloured Starling has been found at Dromore Road Ballynahinch. PLEASE RESPECT residents privacy!

Bird News Saturday

No its not back, its jusst its the weather is that poor and miserable i decided to take a atrip down memory lane, at my age this is as far back as i can remember!

In Co.Down:

A JUVENILE ROSE COLOURED STARLING has been found at Dromore Road, Ballynahinch.

An adult Mediterranean Gull was at Millisle (we have passed the info direct to the Colonel)

At Briggs Rocks - ad Little Gull and ad Med Gull. At Ballymacormick Point - 1 twite
In Groomsport area - 20 Red-throated Diver (Richard Weyl)

A strange Black Brant hybrid Goosey thing was at the Maltings.

Friday, 28 October 2011

MEGA ALERT and Photos!

Braad Robson found this Blue Phase Snow Goose with the flock of Greenland Whitefronts at Lough Macnean near Belcoo. Best viewed from Hanaing Rock. Note farm lanes in area are private!!! No access on the lanes. Thanks To Brad for the photos and a great find!

Bird News Friday 28th October

Portrush Ring Billed Gull courtesy of the Colonel!

In Co.Antrim:
A Wing tagged Buzzard was near Cavehill this morning. This is one the the study birds and so far the study has proved that Buzzards fly about a bit!! (the observer wishes to remain anon as he is very embarrassed about this sighting, but we know who he is!!)

In Co. Fermanagh:
A blue phase Snow Goose is with Greenland White-fronted Geese and a large flock of Canada Geese at Lower Lough MacNean near Gortatole Outdoor Centre. Best views distantly from high ground at Hanging Rick (Brad Robson)

In Co. Down:
It's that time of year again - here's a couple of shots of Fieldfares and Redwings at Ardarragh from Shelagh Henry

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Andrew and myself and to celebrate her is a great picture of two Hares by Ian Dickey!! We have now emailed the report to 325 people not counting downloads from the Internet! Please download a copy and send to your friends its good to spread the word about Birding in Northern Ireland and its flippin well free! We will be sending the Report to every Goverment Department and Large Business in Northern Ireland as well. We have loads of ideas for the 2011 report as well, we think it will be free as well!! You cant beat it!!

Out for Halloween

The great news is that Orcilla Hadrick has got out of Maghaberry for Halloween. She had been caught with 30000 litres of laundered diesel in their little garden shed which she insisted was for their flymo lawnmower and that she definately wasnt selling it out at 85p a litre to her neighbours!
When she arrived home their was a party for her and after drinking 4 litres of Vodka she ventured out into her garden and seen this little darling, only the third one ever recorded in her garden!

Brent Geese, Knot, Dunlin, Whooper Swan, Golden Plover classic photo

I had an absolutely classic photo of a large group of Brent Geese, Whooper Swan, Dunlin and Golden Plover jostling side by side at an RSPB Reserve High Tide roost (Ballykelly Saltmarsh). It was a Birdguides photo of the week and i was dreaming of the glory, maybe even enter it in a Sunday Times competition when from the right came Sparky the Spaniel and two large fat ladies discussing how many chocolate cakes they had eaten today. Litterly unbelieveable, they watched as cute little sparky cleared the area of 1000's of roosting birds. Well i told the Fat C's what i thought of them in no uncertain terms and they shed a few ounces as they legged it at top speed. I hate dog owners.

Rude Corner

It doesnt come any ruder than 3 little piggys! A Classic from our rather warped Dumfires and Galloway correspondent Pat Baines!

Where is he??

We have loads of emails asking if we know the whereabouts of our favourite Prat, the Co.Down Pantymime Horse. We have no idea but he normally turns up when a big rarity occurs so we expect him to be prowling St Johns Point shortly. Pat Baines has sent us a picture of what she thinks is him but we suspect its not (although it does look very like him) as he is without his trademark Prat Hat. Keep your eyes peeled.


Its Halloween the season thats full of surprises!!! Our big festive surprise is a Rough Legged Buzzard courtesy of the Nobirds team! We even have a photo of the offending Buzzard by Ronald Surgenor. Nice one lads off to a good start, my NI List should be 300 by Monday at this rate. Ive worked out that you can set out, get the Black Duck, nip round for the Buzzard and finish off with the Green Woodpecker and be back for elevenses!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hallowe'en at the Harbour Reserve


Thanks to Brian Douglas for this!

Bird News Thursday 27th October

Many thanks to Ian Dickey for this photo of two Redshank. Stunning!! Thanks Ian

No gull news and not even any word on the Portmore Green Woodpecker so far!!! No word even on the Upland Sandpiper!!

Yesterday in Co.Fermanagh a Pinkfooted Goose was at Beleek (Brad Robson)
On the 20th a Pomarine Skua was seen on Lough Erne, the first record for Co.Fermanagh

In Co.Antrim:
The 1stwinter Iceland Gull remains at Corbally Reservoir and also seen were 2 Whoopers, 9 Tuftys and 2 Teal (Richard Hoy)

In Co.Wicklow:
A possible Marsh Hawk was at Broadlough.

More Gaddafi Gull Photos

Muammar keeps his word to NIBirding and has produced yet more gull photos for us to enjoy. Muammar explains that the first six photos show a second winter Meditterean Gull and the last seven photos are a different second winter Meditterean Gull. He explains that there are difference in bill colour, head, pattern, primary patterning and the tail on the bottom bird is knackered but the most obvious difference is the bottom bird has whopping big rings on it!! It reminds Muammar of the rings that his regime used to put on prisoners in his prisson camps before they tortured and killed them. Muammar missed the good old days but we say let bygones be bygones sure look at Wee Martin who could go from Mass Murderer (alledgedly) to President today (not very likely we know)
We wish Martin and Muammar well especially if he keeps sending us the great seagull photos!