Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Predator Vs Prey

Thanks to Stephen Maxwell for this shot of a Buzzard. There must be something about Stephen's camera as every time he goes out he manages to photograph one of Derek's vermin control birds. Mind you Derek does have a lot of them but then again you need a lot of them to cope with the nobirds menace. Some places are completely infested with them and chemical methods of control are losing their effectiveness as committee members breed at such a fantastic rate that they soon become immune to warfarin, paraquat and jeyes fluid. Other than leaving little piles of salt out for them the only effective way to hunt nobirds is by falconry. Some people say there are more humane ways to counter the infestation, which causes the loss of 70% of all bird records per annum, but having their innards consumed by a homicidal cousin of the chicken seems quite appropriate.

Nice try Stephen, great photo but unfortunately a bird of captive origin.


Without the creative genius of Adamski there probably would have been no Seal, thats a fact. Seal went onto world wide superstardom and Adamski fell off the World Map into oblivion. This rather gorgeous Seal was photographed by Ian Dickey, what a treat!

Cutest thing in the Land!

Look at the eyelids on this cutey! You dont need long eyelashes and plenty of mascara to be adorable (although some Northern Ireland girls definitely need it!) all you need are gorgeous red eyelids! Many thanks to Ian Dickey for these two Long Tailed Tit photos!

We cant get enough of these!

More classics from Ronald Surgenor including our first flight shot! Thanks Ronald

Bird News Wednesday 30th November

Purple Sandpiper is a MEGA Rare looking wader and we dont appreciate it enough! But hopefully that will change thanks to Ian Dickeys stunning photo! They domt come much better than this!

In Co.Down:
The ring-necked duck still at Lough Cowey.  On the Outer Ards between Quintin Bay and Burial Island 38 g-n diver, 3 r-th diver and 6 Sandwich tern. (9 of the g-n diver in Quintin Bay, 14 in Knockinelder Bay, 7 in Cloughy Bay,  5 at Portavogie and 3 at Burial Island. Another 2 Sandwich tern at Portaferry.(Richard Weyl)

The female Long Tailed Duck is in the Abercorn Basin (beside the Oyddessy) this morning. She may well roost here.(Ronald Surgenor)

In Co. Antrim:
A Mediterranean Gull was at Waterloo Bay, Larne (Gavin Ferguson)

Around Belfast Lough a male Long-tailed Duck, 2 Great Northern Diver, 30 Common Scoter and a Carrion Crow were at Whiteabbey, 

Thanks to Gavin for these shots

As bad as the nobirds lot.....

........that's what I am. Alistair Prentice sent me this photo of a Twite a while back. He saw 10-12 Twite sitting in the trees to the right of Percy French Restaraunt. He also flushed a single Twite in among the rocks at the Swimming Pool in Newcastle.
Now, whilst it's not quite suppression it is a bit late - it's taken me ten days to get this on the blog. As the title says 'As bad as the nobirds lot' such a display of tardiness on my part. I feel dirty - but not as dirty as Hairy Harry McGarry's back, he has to book in advance to be cleaned at Belfast Zoo in the elephant house. Poor Hairy Harry.

Anyway - it's a bloody nice photo, worth the wait I think you'll agree.

Pantymime Cavalry Attacks!

Look out Derek it's the advance party of the Pantymime-McGarry Alliance. Sworn to destroy Derek and his allies (except me, as I'm holding 220 copies of their Not Interesting Boring Association reports to ransom). Their plan of attack? They don't have one, other than to wear silly-coloured clothes in an effort to distract people from their nihilist suppressionist agenda. Of course, this photo isn't real - its a piece of nobird propaganda - the pantymime horses are travelling at a rate of 2 and a half knots (or one and three quarters White Rumped Sandpipers) in a kind of gay canter and if you look closely there's only one real Pantymime Horse in this photograph, the rest are stuffed.

All the McGarry's in this photograph are all Filipino actors. Unfortunately everything fell through after the photoshoot as the nobirds lads wouldn't stump up the £10 they'd agreed as a fee. It all got a bit heated but the final straw was when Larry, Barry, Harry and Garry tried to fob them off with an old bird report - they got the crap knocked out of them. Larry won't be able to sit down for weeks. You can't fool us nobirds, now where did I leave my opium pipe?

Thanks again to Stephen Maxwell for inspiring all these lies (or are they?...)

3 Cranes - Belfast Lough

Long-legged, thin slender neck with a pointy beak - after scrutinising this photo that Stephen Maxwell sent me I can rule out Grey Heron. There you go - we're a bunch of jokers here at nibirding but lets face it, it's better than any joke the Larry McGarrys have ever tried. Their idea of humour is laughing behind Hairy Harry's back or suppressing Monty's Harriers. One is a crime against wildlife and the other is keeping quiet about rare bird information.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

MEGA at the end of the Rainbow!

Mega at the end of the Rainbow? Maybe not but perhaps God is telling us something and the Copeland Islands is going to end its drought and come up with a major rarity! The Copelands produces a good rarity about once every ten years and the rest of the time is good for breeding Manx Shearwaters! And who doesnt love a Manxy!
Thanks to Ronan O'Hanlon for thise great photo of a Rainbow over the Bird Observatory on the Copleands!

Finch Folly!

Andrew Poots is true to his word and has produced the goods big style! Absolute stunners and i agree who needs dodgy ducks, geese you cant identify and gulls that will breed with anything when you have these in your garden.(has anyone seen The Colonel, he appears to have gone underground?) Thanks Andrew!

Bean Goose, Inch Levels Donegal

The Mad O'Callaghan has sent us these pictures of one of the Bean Geese at Inch Levels. Present for over a week they are probably Tundra Bean Geese but by golly they are not easy to assign to race! There must be one or two out there in Northern Ireland!

Bird News Tuesday 29th November

Andrew Poots is fed up with Ducks and Geese and has sent us a rather stunning photo of a Redpoll. He has promised us more Finch photos but only if we continue to misbehave! We will see what we can do!

In Co.Antrim: Its back!! Despite yesterdays shock run in with the Larry McGarrys the Long Tailed Duck is still at the Lagan Weir (Ronald Surgenor)
A male Long Tailed Duck was at Ballintoy

In Co.Down: The 2ndw Ring Billed Gull is still at Groomsport (Jim Rafferty)
The Cattle Egret returned to its roost at Hillsborough Park Lake at 4.10pm (Geoff Campbell)

Larry McGarrys visit Long Tailed Duck

Its the NOBirds job to tell us what is wild, what is tame, whats escaped and what can go on the NI Birding List. So they always send a crack team of Larry McGarrys to check out the latest bird sightings, Ducks are a particular favourite and yesterday Larry, Harry and Barry and new recruit Carrie went down yesterday and Ronald Sturgenor captured the moment when the Long Tailed Duck caught an eyeful of the Nobirds Possey. It hasnt been seen since. We are not sure if it died of a massive heart attack or broke the underwater swimming record for Long Tailed Ducks and stayed underwater until it reached Carrickfergus. Its amazing what fear can do for you!

Blast from the past, ok not that long ago!

Yes it seems like a lifetime ago but we couldnt resist a trip down memory lane to some sunny days in July when these two eejits performed at the Myroe Levels. Thanks to Ian Dickey for the superb photos that certainly bring back some happy memorys! Its such a pity that the pure NI listers will never be able to tick it!!

Taiga or Tundra?

One of the big questions from the weekend is "The Donegal Pantymime Horse. Is it a Taiga or a Tundra?" The photos do appear to show a long slim neck, long snout and not much contrast between neck and body and its clearly bigger than the Greylags. So we are plumping for Taiga. Acknowledged expert on the subject Ian Paisley Juniour said "That Donegal Pantymime Horse is a Republicaan from the South, its clearly a Taiga, smell that Pantymime Horses breath, he has been at the Devils Buttermilk again. I must go as my Poperty Developer Friend is on the phone, he definately didnt buy my house for me in return for the big Ballymena Land deal i sorted for him"
So there you have it and we have no idea if the Bean Geese are Taiga or Tundra!

Salvador Dali's 'Spot the Bird' Competitio​n

Thanks to Brian Douglas for this:

Although, I see something more akin to Rothko in this pic. Alternatively, it looks like a bit of smeared cheese and the colour reminds me of a dog poop I got on my shoe the other day. The answers to the mystery birds are black-winged stilt and albatross.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Bird News Monday 28th November

Thanks to Ian Dickey for this Shovelor photo.

In Co.Antrim: I did predict that Ronald would put the Long Tailed Duck back this morning, its still present at the Lagan Weir, Belfast. (Ronald Surgenor)

A 2nd winter Ring Billed Gull was at Sandy Bay Larne (Cameron Moore)

In Co.Down: The 2ndw Ring Billed Gull is still at Groomsport (Jeff Rafferty)

The Cattle Egret left its roost at Hillsborough Park Lake at 8.08 am this morning (Peter Phillips) The Cattle Egret returned to roost at 4pm (Clifford Sharpe)

Bean Goose and ?

Yes its the Donegal Pantymime Horse, who managed to get in about 10 photos of the Bean Goose at Inch yesterday. Rather worryingly for me i never seen him in the field and its only when i put up the photos on the Computer that the Horse has appeared. Mulder and Scully. The Bean Goose is the bird in Flight!! More tomorrow!

Fallen off the Wagon

We have caught him out, he is back to his old ways, buying stuffed birds and pretending they are wild. Yes its Ian Dickey and what makes it even worse is that he is in cahoots with Ronald Surgenor. Ian buys the stuffed Long Tailed Duck and Ronald "pretends" to find it and then Ian goes down and photographs it, not a bad plan but we rumbled it yesterday when we watched Ronald pull it out of the water and put in a bag. Dont worry he will put it back this morning!
Thanks to Ian Dickey for these great photos we will never tire of Long Tailed Duck photos!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bird News Sunday

Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for a picture of this tame or escaped Duck!

In Co.Down:
The Cattle Egret left the roost at Hillsborough Park Lake at 8.10am (Chris and Walter Veale, i think they stayed up all night drinking in the park as they were seen buying 2 crates of Diamond White at Crazy Joes Off-Licence in Ballymacash)
The Cattle Egret was also seen this afternoon at 3pm
More importantly 5 Larry McGarrys and 12 Northern Diver were at Murlough (Dave Hadrick)

The 2nd winter Ring Billed Gull is still at Groomsport (Jim Rafferty)

In Co.Antrim:
The female Long Tailed Duck is still at Lagan Weir, Belfast (Ronald Surgenor)
Another Long Tailed Duck was off Whiteabbey

In Co.Londonderry: A juvenile American Golden Plover was on the Turf Lawn Fields at Myroe Levels. A Single Larry McGarry was also seen.

In Co.Armagh:
One of the Pectoral Sandpipers and a summer plumaged Great Northern Diver were at Ardmore Point (Ethan Veale et al)

In Co.Tyrone:
18 Crossbill were at Crocknagrally Forest

In Co.Donegal: 2 Taiga Bean Geese and 2 Pinkfooted Geese were at Inch Levels

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Bird News Saturday

Thanks to John Raffery for this Greendshank photo.

In Co.Down: A Cattle Egret was roosting at Wooden Island, Hillsborough Park Lake (Jason Starbuk and Drew Middleton)

A 1st winter Mediterranean Gull and 2 Sandwich Tern were south of Millisle and a late Swallow at Ballywalter (Richard Weyl)

2 Black Throated Diver were at St Johns Point.

Laughing Gulls

Why are people set on antagonising me? I haven't done anything to hurt anybody. Yeah sure, the odd McGarry takes a beating but in the words of the great late Peter Tosh 'Them a fe get a beatin'. On the other hand I can understand it - I suppose I set myself up for it by saying I hate gulls.  There will always be nasty people out there, like Nigel Snell, who will leap at an opportunity to kick a man when he's down.

Still, the last laugh is on me because when the revolution comes I have a list of people who've sent me seagull pictures and they, and their friends and family, any close associates and anybody living within a quarter of a mile radius, will all be liquidated. All traces of their existence will be destroyed but for the pickled corpses on display in the Museum of Traitors. Next to this monumentally large building will be a shrine to the Unknown Northern Ireland Bird Report, down the road from the Pool of the Lost Membership Subscriptions and the Temple of Pantymime Horse - all built as reminders of what could have been if the Nobirds Caliphate ever took control. And ye shall look upon these absurdities and be thankful that you're living in a one-party state, controlled by me, where the calendar starts on my birthday, cars are banned and you have to sing songs about how great I am and you will be happy.

Thanks to Nigel Snell for this great photo of a horrible subject

Late Sports News

Today's 3.45 race at Dargan Bay was won by the 1/3 favourite Corr Morant who swept across the finishing line 5 lengths ahead of the nearest challenger, Drake Teal.

Thanks to Brian Douglas for this