Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

Ah balls, I cocked that last one up didn't I? I've ruined everything again.........


Yes! We finally made it Derk - two thousand and eleven blog posts in 2011. We did it Derk - we did it!

Here's some seasonal greetings from Stephen Maxwell. Happy New Year to everybody except the Nobirders!!

Bird News Saturday 31st December 2011

In Co. Antrim:
A Marsh Harrier was at Portmore Lough

A Grey Plover was at Whiteabbey

2 first winter Iceland Gulls were at Corbally reservoir, a first winter Glaucous Gull was at Ramore Head and the RIng-billed Gull was at the East Strand car park Portrush (N. Walnock)

In Co. Fermanagh:
A first winter Iceland Gull was at Enniskillen dump (Brad Robson)

In Co. Londonderry:
A melanistic Lapwing and a Curlew Sandpiper were at Lough Beg

800 Whooper Swan, 3 Larry McGarrys, a juvenile Peregrine, 500 Brent were at Myroe Levels. 20 Siskin, 15 Redpoll were at Donnybrewer (D. Charles)

In Co. Down:
The pink-footed goose still at Anne's Point.  4 Sandwich tern at Marlfield and 1 at Portaferry (Richard Weyl)

Here's a picture of a Waxwing by Mark Killops

In Co. Donegal:
8 Iceland Gull, 2 Glaucous Gull and a Mediterranean Gull were at Killybegs, 2 Velvet Scoter were at Rossknowlagh (Gavin Thomas)

An adult Iceland Gull was at Greencastle (D. Charles)

In Co. Dundrum:
3 Red Kite were at Ardnabannon (Ron Jeremy)

Here's a picture of a Tree Sparrow from Alistair Prentice


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The Cloaca Again

Yes, hello and welcome to the latest edition of our letters column 'The Cloaca'. Quite an assortment of letters this week, some of them certainly written in fits of drunken rage and possibly one or two written by escaped psychopaths but what can you do? Anyway, let's start the ball rolling with another letter from the Glorious Child of the Sun Mr Kim Jong-un:

Dear Peasants,
How many times do I have to write to you to demand my money back? I don't think you understand that I have a nuclear bomb and I'm more than prepared to drop it on you if I have to. I didn't get to be the only fat person in North Korea by being nice you know. You have made a very silly mistake. I want the nobirds report by 11.59pm today or it's lights out Crawfordsburn.

Yours despotically,

Mr Kim Jong-un, Loughinisland

A veteran of several military campaigns, not least killing 400 fuzzy-wuzzies single-handed at Khartoum, I have to say I find the behaviour of your so-called Not Interesting Boring Association totally reprehensible. You are a bunch of rotters and cads the lot of you and if it weren't for the fact that you have ten pounds of mine I would have you all shot. I didn't lose both my arms in a bar-fight in Ballynahinch to put up with the likes of young hoodlums like yourselves billy-ballying about the place. You should be ashamed.

Yours snortingly,

Capt. Archibald Itchyballs, VC

Dear Idiots,
Why do you persist with this trash. I suppose you think your funny don't you? I bet you two think you're really clever as well. Well, you're not. You had the opportunity to do something worthwhile, to educate perhaps, but instead you threw it all away and became all potty-mouthed. I personally don't understand it. As for the McGarry Brothers I find that they are all upstanding chaps who wouldn't tell lies about people and they make sure that their trousers are correctly pressed. They aren't scallywag ruffian types like yourselves - no, I find the McGarrys are some of the nicest people you could ever meet. I would add that making fun out of a guy because his name rhymes with a type of particularly smelly cheese is rather poor form.

Yours fermentingly,

Captain Stinko, Uphisownarsestreet, Shitville.

Apocalypse Soon

You have been warned

Remembering Marjory

Yes it may be fun and games at christmas but it's alsoo a time to reflect on those who are no longer with us. It really doesn't seem like a year since Marjory my pet chicken died last christmas day. She had a lovely beak, a sexy comb but you couldn't see her feet because there were feathers all around them. I'll miss you Marjory.

Above: Marjory, front left - the best chicken friend a guy could ever have. I was so upset to find her that day that I didn't even eat her.

No. 312

Aren't moths brilliant? Aren't seagulls crap? Here's the latest edition to the Murlough Nature Reserve moth list - Winter Moth, No. 312. Murough beats the crap out of any other site in Northern Ireland for moths. Did I mention seagulls are crap?

It may be dead but it still counts - it's on the list!

Seagulls are Rubbish

Moths are the future - here's a stupid old battered brown thing.

Still no gulls

It's great isn't it? I enjoyed that post so much that I've decided to treat you all to another picture of a Mottle Umber. Lovely.

No Gulls

Derk is away and there isn't a plastic bag to be seen about the place - it's brilliant. Not having to look at photo after photo of the same makny oul gulls has made this the best christmas ever. Hopefully this good run of luck will run right the way into the new year. Maybe this year will be the year the nobirds lads give up.

Here's a lovely Mottled Umber - it's lovely and beautiful. Seagulls aren't.

......ah lovely. Lovely lovely lovely.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Bird News Friday 30th December

In Co. Antrim:
2 Brambling, 15+ Redpolls, Goldfinch, Siskins were at Niger feeders at a private garden in Broughshane (Keith Stevens)

The Bonaparte's Gull was at Drains Bay and an adult Yellow-legged was at Green Island Park

In Co. Down:
At Greyabbey bay 10 Slavonian grebe, 3 long-tailed duck and a flock of 30 yellowhammer (Richard Weyl)

In Co. Armagh:
The drake Red-crested Pochard was at Oxford Island (Mark Killops)

In Co. Dundrum:
8 Little Grebe were at Dundrum Inner Bay South (B. Show)

Seeing as this is the 2000th post this year on nibirding I thought I'd celebrate with a picture of a micro moth Acleris hyemana. Up yours Derk


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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bird News Thursday 29th December

In Co. Donegal:
At Killybegs this morning there was a very dark Blue Fulmar, an adult Kumlien's Gull (possibly a returning bird), a first winter Kumlien's Gull, an adult Yellow-legged Gull, an adult and 2 first winter Iceland Gulls, 2 first winter and a second winter Glaucous Gull (Derek Charles, the mental gull botherer, and the even madder O'Callaghan for putting up with such mentalness)

In Co. Antrim:
The Bonaparte's Gull was feeding very close to shore, 15:30hrs, near the Princess Victoria memorial, Larne. I was able to get within about fifteen feet of it due to the high tide. Pics to follow (Gavin Ferguson)

.....and here they are. I have to agree with Derk on this one - these are the best Boner pics we've seen yet. All hail the Larnian.

The Long-tailed Duck is still at the Lagan Weir, Belfast (Ronald Surgenor)

In Co. Down:
At Ganaway Bay (north of Ballywalter)  a 1st winter Mediterranean Gull (with no ring) (Richard Weyl)

3 Purple Sandpiper were at Portavogie and c.1000 Golden Plover were at Kirkiston (Keith Bennett)

In Co. Dundrum:
A Little Egret was at Dundrum Inner Bay South and 2 were just north of the Downshire Bridge (Bob Shaw)

Here's a photo of a snazzy Starling by Stephen Maxwell.


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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bird News Wednesday 28th December

In Co. Antrim:
The Long-tailed Duck is back at Lagan Weir, Belfast (Ronald Surgenor)

The Bonaparte's Gull was back at Black Arch, Ballygally

In Co. Down:
A Red Kite was at Banbridge (Ian Dickey)

The drake Goosander is still at Begney Lough (being blown to bits by the wind) (David Nixon)

A Buzzard was at Finnebrogue.

At Groomsport the Ring-billed gull, 2 Gannet and 16 Red-throated diver were present. At Orlock Point a first winter Mediterranean Gull, a Gannet and 3 Red-throated Diver. A Peregrine was on Big Copeland (Richard Weyl)

Late news from yesterday:
2 Buzzards were at the Brustin Braes, two Raven and a wee Stonechat at Ballygally head (Gavin Ferguson)

Here's some pics from Ronald Surgenor


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A New Chef in Town

We haven't heard from Chef Vealz in quite a while but it doesn't really matter - in the cut-throat world of haute cuisine yesterdays chef is often little more than a plate of cold chips.

New kid on the block Kim Jong-un has sent us these pictures and recipe, which is apparently very popular in his home town in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea - Mistle Thrush Stew.

Take one road-kill Mistle Thrush

 Check for any parasites


Wrap in bacon fat, shove a piece of onion up its arse. Place in a pot on a bed of tesco value carrots, some baby potatoes, season and add a bay leaf. Pour in some appropriate plonk


......and there you have it. Yum, Mr Kim gave this dish a perfect ten out of ten but then he would. I had some and gave it a 7.4, a bit livery and certainly not as tasty as Song Thrush.

For dessert all that's required is 2 after-dinner dog worming tablets

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Todays Rarity Photos

We dont care here on NIBirding if we have raraity pictures we bung them on. Thanks to M.Callaghan for this collection, a Great Spotted Woodpecker no less but luckily also some seagulls our favourite!!
The big white seagull is a Glaucous (dont listen to the Nobirds lads as they say its an Iceland!) And also the delicate little Bonapartes Gull which i personally hate because its never there when i am!!

Bird News the day after Boxing Day

In Co. Dundrum:
2 Black-throated Diver, 2 Great Northern Diver and 334 Common Scoter were off Newcastle harbour. A Kingfisher was at Ardilea.

A Kingfisher was a mile up the Carrigs River, Newcastle (B. and P. Shaw)

In Co.Down:
A Grey Phalarope was at Seacliff Road in Bangor (John McLean)

At Ardglass the 2 Iceland Gulls reported by the Nobirds crew metaporhisised into one first winter Iceland Gull and a first winter Glaucous Gull!! MMMHMMM! (M.Callaghan)

2 Great Spotted Woodpecker were at Finnebrogue (M.Callghan)

We normally dont put it on but the heavy breather insists its still present, yes its the 2ndw Ring Billed Gull still at Groomsport.JMJ!.

In Co.Antrim:
The adult Bonapartes Gull was again at the Black Arch, Drains Bay along with 2ndw Meditterean Gull (Neal Warnock)

Its back!!!! The female Long Tailed Duck is back at the Lagn Weir (Ronald Surgenor)

A female Hen Harrier was in the Antrim Hills (Ian Dickey)

The male Smew was at Portmore Lough RSPB reserve and 4 Pinfooted Geese (yes 4 dont listen to flapline, but lets face it who does except for PURE entertainment vaalue)) and 2 Greenland Whitefront were in fields at Lady Bay

Here's a pic of a Buzzard by Stephen Maxwell

and here's a another pic of a Buzzard by Mark Killops


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Another Boney Photo

Thanks to Stephen Foster for this pic of the Ballygally Boney's Gull.

Bird News the day after Xmas

In Co. Down:
The Cattle Egret (otherwise known as the cattlygrit) flew into roost at Hillsborough lake (Eric Randall)

The Ring-billed Gull was still at Groomsport (Stephen Maxwell)

The Pink-footed goose was still at Anne's Point, also a White-fronted goose. The hybrid ring-billed gull at Millisle and a little egret at Drumfad Bay. The pink-foot was also present on the 24th (Richard Weyl)

Here's a couple of Ringo shots from Stephen

In Co. Armagh:
3 Ruddy Duck were at Oxford Island (O'Wheelbarra)

In Co. Londonderry:
A Kittwake and a Marsh Harrier were at Lough Beg

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Bird News Christmas Day

In Co. Dundrum:
18 Purple Sandpiper, a Great Northern Diver and 2 Great Crested Grebes were at Newcastle Harbour

680 Dunlin, 450 Brent, 700 Lapwing, 112 Black-tailed Godwit, 12 Golden Plover and some crappy Redshank were in a tiny field near Dundrum Inner Bay South. By extrapolation there were over 250,000 birds at Dundrum Inner Bay today.

Thanks to Stephen Maxwell for this pic of a Black Guillemot

In Co. Down:
A ringtail Hen Harrier was on Big Copeland (Richard Weyl)

The Ring-billed Gull was still at Groomsport

In Co.Antrim:
The Bonapartes Gull was at the outfall at Black Arch, Drains Bay (Neal Warrnock)

Dr Who

While waiting for Dr.Who to come on at 7pm i thought i would share these photos of the Boanapartes Gull which is currently evadeing me on the Antrim Coast. These pictures have kindly been sent in by John Pertwee.

Look what i found in my stocking!

No its not the Nobirds report (which members should have recieved today) but finally the Bean Goose photos have arrived. They are not any good but still they are 100% better than the Nobirds McGarrys so far have posted! Merry Christmas and im only on my second bottle of vodka of the day, it could be a long day! These should be enough to ruin Andrews Christmas