Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bird News Wednesday 18th Janauary

Thanks to Millar Forbes Smyth for this this very nice Reed Bunting photograph. Millar tells us he lives near Ardglass! Im not kidding and i've kindly pointed him in the direction of the harbour!

In Co.Down:
The Rafferty family have apologised, they all slept in yesterday!! But the good news is the second winter Ring Billed Gull is alive and well and still at Groomsport.

The hybrid Common x Ring-billed Gull was at Millisle (T. Ennis, T. Dodds)

In Co.Antrim:
Bob Shaw has text to say the adult Bonapartes Gull is still at Ballygally. The shame of it!

A Buzzard was at Whitehouse Lagoon (Stephen Maxwell)

A Black Redstart was at Blackhead


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