Monday, 16 January 2012

Bob Shaw lets me down!

I used to think Bob Shaw was a decent bloke. A friendly kinda guy, quite handsome for his age, quick-witted and extremely intelligent. That was until he broke my heart and went to Ardglass to look at gulls. Iwent out of my way to be nice to Bob over the years and did an awful lot of covering up for him. Bob has a problem you see, he suffers terribly from Tourrette's Syndrome. He sends me lots of emails with bird sightings and photos but they are littered with the worst language you could imagine. Bob suffers from substance abuse and this makes the Tourrette's worse and quite often he'll start swearing in a foreign language.
The gull thing has really hurt me - it's an utter betrayal so I've decided to stop covering up for Bob and show you all what he's really like. Here's Bob's crap photos, uncensored, from the other day......the Judas. Yet another example of why you shouldn't get mixed up in gulls - they're rubbish







Yes, Bob Shaw no longer a friend of mine (and Valentines Day wasn't that far away either)