Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ceci n'est pas une mouette

My thanks to the artist Ronald Surgenor for this ground-breaking piece of art evocative of one of Magritte's most famous works. Now, whilst it may look like a seagull it actually isn't thus confounding most observers. It's actually an albino Dunnock photographed on super-zoom. Confused? - well, then you must be a philistine. Are you sure you're not a Larry McGarry? Have you been experiencing hot flushes and an irrational urge spend £10 on a nobirds membership? If you think this picture is of a seagull then consult a medical practitioner......if you're not careful you could end up like Derk......who if you have not noticed I am at war with. He is displaying all the tactics of an inferior tactician - carpet bombing the site with up to 50 gull pics a day and and unleashing indiscriminate salvos from his AK47 into my back garden to try and give my chickens a heart attack.

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