Monday, 23 January 2012

Fake Ross's Gull, Newcastle Co. Down

Yes, less than a fortnight after having a fake Ivory Gull in my back garden now look what turns up! A fake Ross's Gull in full summer plumage (note black neck collar and pinky suffusion to the breast)

Fantastic - up yours Derk, you're behind the pack as usual......although you're not a patch on the nobirds lads who creepily emailed as many people as they could to get Ross's Gull photos.
You know the routine, all false-friendly and all that, talk behind your back etc, make up lies about you etc. then come creeping around the place like a bad smell etc....and then back to their bad old selves. Now, if memory serves me right what was it the Larry McGarrys used to say about the Co. Down Pantymime Horse? Oh yes, that's right - they spent an entire weekend in Scotland boring the arse off me with him as the topic of ridicule. A whole weekend - there was no other craic, a group of middle-aged men acting like a bunch of bitter schoolgirls. Best of all they pretend to be his friend just in case he sends them picture of a pipit or something. Ooooh, the things they said about the Pantymime Horse - scandalous (it never pays to be nasty nobirds - looks like you can add that to the list of apologies you owe the world) APOLOGISE NOBIRDS - APOLOGISE NOW TO THE PANTYMIME HORSE!!!