Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th

Have you looked into the Nobirds Conspiracy? Sometimes referred to as 'Nemesis' or 'Suppression'. I actually asked two astrophysicists ironically called Larry and Barry about this (just a chance meeting); their answer, eventually, once I'd managed to frame the question in a fashion they understood and they'd given me all the extra terminology (such as what an 'AU' is in astrophysics), their answer was 'maybe'. I'll let you look into it; the bottom line on Nobirds boils down to 'Doom Planet'.

Garry (operating as a skeptic):

I can't believe any astrophysicist would give any credence to Nobirds. It's supposed to be a "12th" planet within our solar system - so any competent astronomer would be aware of it. Its orbit would have to be utterly bizarre, and probably defying the laws of physics, for it to come anywhere near us. What astronomers worry about is stuff heading our way from deep space that they can't see and track yet: they're not concerned about anything in an orbit in our own solar system.

Besides, earth has probably already suffered a planetary collision with a planet called Sad and Lonely; the collision that produced the moon. If such a collision took place again, all human life would vanish. Arguably all life of any description would become extinct on earth. No conspiracy is going to keep that a secret!

Does Nobirds get hooked up to the Pantymime Horse and the Illuminati and the Reptilians somehow?

"Nobirds orbit around the Sun is highly elliptical, according to the 2006-07 Bird Report, taking it out beyond the orbit of Pluto at its farthest point and bringing it as close to the Sun as the far side of the asteroid belt (a ring of asteroids that is known to occupy a band of space between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter). It takes Nobirds 3,600 years to complete one report, and it was last in this vicinity around 160 B.C.E. As you can imagine, the gravitational effects of a sizable planet moving close to the inner solar system, as it is claimed for Nobirds, could wreak havoc on the orbits of other planets, disrupt the asteroid belt and spell big trouble for planet Earth."

Eh? Sounds like complete bullshit!!! Are they saying that Nobirds are going to collide with the earth, or that's it's going to collide with another planet that will then somehow affect the earth, or that it's going to direct an asteroid in our direction, or that it's going to alter gravity for the earth? One thing's for sure - ancient Sumerians or Mayans wouldn't have had a clue what "Nobirds" is going to do since they weren't aware of half of the planets back in the day, never mind a rogue planet like Nobirds! Also, if it completes a report every 3,600 years then that means it has does its thing loads of times before - so why are we suddenly worried this time around? It doesn't make any sense at all.