Monday, 23 January 2012

Gull Gurus in Action

Gull Guru to the Stars Orcilla Hadrick was at Ardglass on Saturday giving a masterclass in Northern Gull identification, if only Willy was still alive! Participents on Orcillas course included Klaus Melling Olsen and Leonard Charles. Orcilla who always keeps a live Kumliens Gull in her Red Handbag found and identified many rarities at Ardglass on Saturday (although she didnt find any 2ndw Kumliens, only the Nohope Nobirders can see them!) These included a Big Seal Gull and 1stwinter Herring thingy. After 5 minutes everyone went to the nearby cafe where Orcilla bought everyone a cup of tea and a malteser square. It was indeed a gull masterclass. Here Orcilla can be seen giving KMO a refresher course on the inside / outside primary coverts of a Thayersthing Gull. Orcilla also won the hat of the day competition.