Thursday, 26 January 2012

Had you worried

Had you worried that we were not going to post any Ross's Gull photos today but luckily Ian Wray from Portadown has sent us this selection. Ian said that he is expecting the creey email from the Nobirds asking for photos but Ian said "why dont they offer the photographers a free years membership!" Good point Ian but we pointed out you dont actually get anything for your tenner Ian replied "why dont they offer 2 years free membership" to which we had to point out you dont get anything for £20 quid either!! This could go on all night! Anyway Ians promised to send us the creepy email when it arrives and it will! In the meantime here are 15 photos from Ian which is one more than the Nobirds have managed in total it could almost make you cry if it wasnt so funny! Thans Ian