Thursday, 19 January 2012

I am not defeated (yet)

What can I say? -I've been floored by a Ross's Gull, I'm going to have to lay low for a while as there isn't much comeback to that. I did predict a Ross's Gull yesterday on the blog (under the pic of the Reed Bunting, it's true) so that is a strike back at Derk and his gull posse. I'm not on the run (like the nobirds team) it's merely a tactical retreat. Anyway - Derk has at least 1300 photographs of the Ross's Gull to come so anybody with any sense will find a rock to hide under. For those intrepid explorers who want to know what it's like outside the tent I can confirm it's a complete whiteout. We're trapped here for at least the next three months. Plastic bags all round. Here's a couple of pics, they could be the last cocks you see on this blog for a while - it's Ross's Gull pics from here on in!!!!

 Coq au Vin

Pollo al ajillo

Of course, the real turn up for the books is what a dirtbag Bob Shaw is. Two-faced, no-good, handsome, gull-loving, turncoat swine! You can't trust anybody in this day and age but just you wait Bob - I'll be spilling the beans on you soon enough, your card is marked.