Monday, 16 January 2012

Lonely Lonely Dave

I feel sorry for Dave Hadrick i really do, he is very lonely. This gull influx has meant that Orcilla (International Gull Guru, to the Stars) is up and out of the house before dawn so that she can be at her local gull roost before the gulls are even there. At weekends she is away to Galway, Newfoundland and Killybegs in search of Smithonianus Herring Gulls and Hueglins Gulls. Meanwhile all Dave can do is look out the patio window and photograph the garden wildlife. These creatures all visited his Lisburn home over the Christmas Holidays. The really strange thing about all this is that ive been to Daves House and he has no Patio. He doesnt even have any windows. Have you ever been to Lisburn?