Friday, 20 January 2012


Not more bloody Ross's Gull photos - has everybody lost the plot???? Thanks very much Stephen Maxwell......cheers, more gull photographs.......thanks very much. Nice one. The email I recieved was entitled 'Rossi' - does anybody remember Mr. Rossi? - surely that's more interesting than the Herring Gull spp. hybrid agg. below?!?! Click on the link for some real entertainment - custard cakes, coffee breaks? No? Of course, you might say 'Not on your Nelly!' but that might be construed as taking credit for other peoples' bird sightings. I would go as far to say as that could be a new verb - 'to Nelly', 'Look at yer man Nellying about the place!'. Could be.........or could be I'm a Walnut?