Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What the world needs......

.....is definitely not another photo of the Boner Gull. Yet at the same time it does as I am using this as counter-propaganda to illustrate how far the contagion is spreading. Here we have a pic of it by Mark Killops. It is a sad day today for now there are only very few of us left - most have now gone to the dark side and went hunting for feathered plastic bags. There are still a few pockets of resistance and we're all prepared to fight to the death. I've sealed up my letterbox so Derk and his zombie horde can't push pictures of Herring Gull x Scandinavian Herring Gull hybrids through it and I've taken the precaution of giving handguns to my chickens. If it's a fight to the death he wants well I'll make sure I take everybody with me. We're all going down!!! Are Bonaparte's Gulls any good? - not on your Nelly!!