Monday, 12 March 2012

Bird News Monday 12th March

Thanks to John Bradshaw for these great Snipes photos!

In Co. Tyrone:
A Rough-legged Buzzard was at Strabane

(Grid ref: IH359969)

6 Yellowhammer and a Sparrowhawk were also seen. A Merlin was at Douglas Bridge.

In Co. Armagh:
A Marsh Harrier (2nd cal year) was at Reedy Flat, Lough Neagh. 2 Pinkfooted Geese were at Oxford Island

In Co.Down: The 4 Russian Whitefronts are still at Ann's Point (Frank Bloomer). No sign of the Rough Legged Buzzard.

In Co.Antrim: An adult Iceland Gull was at Glynn

The 3rd winter Iceland Gull was off Newcastle harbour - (hahahaha Bob Shaw - I beat you to it traitorous dog you)

Here's some pics from Alistair Prentice - not one of them a gull!!!


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