Monday, 19 March 2012

Bird News Monday 19th March

Thanks to Ian Dickey for this picture of a rather angry looking mob of Sandpipers!

In Co.Londonderry:
The White Phase Snow Goose, a Canada Goose (interesting!!) and 40 Greenland Whitefronts were at Seacoast Road Myroe (Neal Warnock)

5 Pinkfeet, 4 Barnacles and a Greenland Whitefront were at Longfield Point (Neal Warnock)

In Co.Down: The 2ndw Ringo was still at Groomsport and a Brambling at nearby Ballyholme

Here's a couple of shots from Alistair Prentice


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....if you don't look at this, you're mental - Binocularface

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