Monday, 26 March 2012

Bird News Monday 26th March

Thanks to Ian Dickey for this all action wader photo.

In Co.Down: The Cattle Egret was still at Hillsborough Park! So there are 2 birds once again contary to what the Nobirds Education Department told us, just because they wanted to rain on Andrews parade! It amazes me how they think of some of the stuff they come out with.

In Co. Antrim:
At Ramore head;1 x Snow Bunting, 1 x wheatear, 10+ eider (Stephen Maxwell)

Here's some pics from today by Stephen

.......and not one of those pics was a seagull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Co.Cork:
A Red Flanked Bluetail was at Galley Head Co.Cork. Everyone who seen the Cape Clear bird from 2 years ago considers this bird as a probable escape.


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