Monday, 5 March 2012

Bird News Monday 5th March

Thanks to Ian Dickey for this splendid Duckky photo

In Co.Antrim:
A first year Iceland Gull was at Bog Meadows (The Chef)

A 2nd winter Iceland Gull was at Antrim Road Waterworks
The 2 Iceland Gulls were still at McConnells Weir River Lagan Belfast

A Brambling was visiting a garden in Broughshane. It had a yellow ring on its right leg (Keith Stevens)

"Out on Rathlin today- 4 buzzards, 1 peregrine, 1 whooper (thought it was a Glaucous Gull and was getting excited), 3 Chough at a distance. Tufted, Mallard, Teal and Little Grebe in pools around the top of the north cliffs. Loads of hares charging around" (Ronald Surgenor)

In Co.Armagh: The Tundra Bean Goose , 2 Pinkfooted Geese and 15+ Russian White Fronts were at Reedy Flat (Clifford Sharpe)

In Co.Down: Symbol the Goose formerly known as Grey Bellied was not seen at Killough today. It went back to its mummmy and daddy a Black Brant and Pale Bellied Brent. This missed Symbol awfully. Bog all else was seen at Killough because like many other sites in NI its rubbish!


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