Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bird News Sunday 11th March

In Co. Dundrum:
The 3rd winter Iceland Gull was off Newcastle harbour poo-pipe - it's been eating poo for nearly two months now (The Traitor Bob Shaw)

1 Black-throated Diver and at least 10 Red-throated Diver off the harbour as well (Stephen Foster)

In Co. Down:
5 x buzzards, dundonald (Stephen Maxwell)

South of Gransha Point 7 black-throated diver and 2 g-n diver. A further 8 g-n diver at Marlfield. A 1st year Iceland gull and 7 Sandwich tern at Portaferry. A merlin on Burial Island (Richard Weyl) A Short Eared Owl was at Chapel Island and the 4 Russian boyos still at Annes Point with Slavonian Gwebes off shore

In Co.Armagh. The usual gooseys were at Reedy Flat, the Bean Goose and those Russian boyos!
A Pinkfoot was at Oxford Island

In Co.Antrim: Three Pinkfeet were at Lady Bay. Now the good stuff, an adult Iceland Gull at Portballintrae and a first winter at Giants Causeway

In Co.Donegal:
Low number of gulls were at Killybegs - two 1st winter, two 3rd winter and an adult Kumlien's, c.20 Iceland and 2 Glaucous Gull. Surprise surprise - a 1st winter Great Black-backed x Glaucous hybrid was also present (D. Charles et al)

Here's some non-gull photos fromStephen Maxwell. I'll say it again - things are lovely without Derk's gull photos. I claim all this territory for me and my anti-gull forces. I may have to withdraw but I will have it booby-trapped. The gull war continues


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