Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bird News Wednesday 28th March

Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for this photo of one of our favourite birds

No news today so far but there has been a charge of summer migrants on the South Coast the past few days, so it would be no surprise if a Hoopoe shows up in someones garden!

In Co. Antrim:
Willow warbler and 3 chiffchaffs at Rea's Wood, Antrim, also Crossbill. Pair of Jays nest-building - how early is that! 5 redwings eating ivy berries and singing (Dermot Hughes)

In Co. Down:
Sparrowhawk flew very close to a flock of about 200 blackwits feeding on grass, Belfast Harbour Reserve  (Stephen Maxwell)

Also a gull pic to ease Ronald's pain

In Co.Armagh: The now completely disgraced male Red Crested Pochard was back at Lurgan Park Lake. It was trying to piggy back a Coot! It might be wild, has fallen in love with a Coot and decided to forsake its homeland and make a home here. Coots after all have lovely dark eyes and are mean nest builders. What duck wouldnt want a bit of that action. OK its an escape.

In Co.Tyrone: A Meditterean Gull and 2 White Wagtail were at Washing Bay Lough Neagh


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