Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bird News Wednesday 7th March

Many thanks to the exiled Ian Dickey for another great duckkiieeyy photo!

Bird News at Last!!!

In Co.Fermanagh: The Blue Phase Snow Goose is still at Lough Macnean (Brad Robson)

In Co.Down: The Ring Billed Gull was still at Groomsport. An adult Meditterean Gull flew past nearby Briggs Rocks
The 4 Russsian Whitefronts were still at Annes Point Greyabbey and the 1stw Iceland Gull at Portaferry.

In Co.Antrim: The two Iceland Gulls were still at McConnells Weir, River Lagan Belfast

The Bonapartes Gull and 1stw Meditterean Gull were at the Chain Memorial in Larne

In Co. Armagh: Reedy Flat Lough Neagh had a Tundra Bean Goose, 30 Russian Whitefronts, 2 Pink feet Geese and circa 140 Grey Lag Geese.(Joe Devlin)

Thanks to Joe for this picture

In Co. Dundrum: A hybrid Carrion x Hooded Crow was at Dundrum Inner Bay South (The Traitor Bob Shaw....that's pathetic Bob even by your standards!)


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