Friday, 2 March 2012

Friday is Moth Day

Yes, forget Derk's obsessive compulsive sexual attraction to seagulls, we all know what this blog needs - moth photos. Ah, we can just see the nobirds lads now sitting around with their cups of milky tea 'tsking' and 'tutting' about non-avian activity in Northern Ireland whilst not realising what a bunch of hypocritical old, washed out Larrys they are. Sad and Lonely won't be happy either - we were wondering what happened to him but it seems he's had to have an operation of a private and personal nature. Of course, the birdwatching community being what it is in Ireland we've found out - he's had to have several clusters of warts removed from a very sensitive part of his anatomy. We sent him a box of Milk Tray (after eating them and replacing them with cheap ones from Lidl that we've injected laxatives into - just to clean up the last of the warts up there). Anyway, here's a pic of a March Moth.....seeing as it's March.