Thursday, 15 March 2012

In Orbit

Well, Satellites orbit don't they? so this one has done a complete circuit of the earth in half an hour. Moths are fast that's why they are all over the place. Kind of similar to the Herring/Iceland/Greater/Lesser/blah blah gull complex that Derk and his Vile Horde are obsessed with - I'm too stupid to know what the name of it is but it's that phenomenon whereby the same gull is in one place but everywhere at the same time. Anyway if this Satellite moth did an orbit every 30 mins it would do 1195274.4 miles a day or something. Doesn't surprise me - moths are brill, beezer and brilliant all in the one go....compared to gulls at least. Whereas one of the really best things in the world are wotsits......and cough medecine. You see? I can't even spell medicine right - it's great. Thon's quare stuff hey!