Thursday, 15 March 2012

Inishown Gulls!

Yes a very strange title but here are a selection of seagulls from last weekend. This 3rdw Iceland Gull was standing in a field at Cardonagh. It was obviously dazed and confused!

Third Winter Kumliens Gull at Fanad Head

Adult Iceland Gull Fanad

Iceland Gull at Five Finger Strand

Still dazed

Realisation where its at, im off

Carndonagh is shite

From left to right. 2ndw Iceland, 1stw Iceland, 3rdw Kumliens and adult Iceland
Add in a 2ndw Iceland and 2ndw Glaucous

Third winter Kumliens also known as the Pied Piper of Fanad

3rdw Kumliens, it only had 1 leg
Adult Iceland
3rd w Kumliens
More of the same
Getting bored now

Adult Iceland, seconds later a shark jumped out of the tank and ate it