Monday, 19 March 2012

More Shocking News

Our restaurant spy Snoozy McSnoozy has contacted us to tell us that International Gull Guru Orcilla Hadrick was out stuffing her face at the new Gull Restaurant in Newcastle on Saturday Night. Apperently it was shocking, she started with Thayers Pate went on to have Kumlien Steak (well done) with a side of Boapartes Legs and then pudding was an Iceland Soufle and all washed down with 6 bottles of Pinot Gullo. Any wonder all the rare gulls in NI have done a bunk.

But fair play to Orcilla she got up on Sunday morning and put the heels on and legged it to Groomsport where she sent us this photo of a very nervous looking Ring Billed Gull.