Friday, 30 March 2012

A nice photo of a Larry McGarry

Knowledge wasn't "rediscovered". Members of the Nobirds are never asked to surrender individual judgement and will, although, obviously, they are required to maintain the discipline of the Nobirds society. This Discipline involves telling lies against anyone not of their "creed", extortion or a Tax whatever is your poision and suppression and misinformation off Rare Birds

The Larry McGarrys were based on the organisation of the Nobirds, not the other way around. (Larry of Loyola, the founder of the McGarrys, was a member of the Nobirds, tasked with creating a Trojan horse of ostensibly orthodox Larry McGarrys, who would gradually erode and discredit the intellectual basis of anyone who stood in their way and exposed their ways. The seal of the Nobirds Order contains a Brooch symbol of a blazing sun which they wear under their large underpants, to dispel darkness and ignorance.) The Larry McGarrys had been infiltrated by the Nobirders that they temporarily suppressed the Larry McGarrys (between the years 2007 and 2010). When it was reinstated, it was under much tighter McGarry control than before. During the period of suppression, many Nobirders loyal to the Larry McGarrys were still able to retain influential positions, albeit they were no longer called McGarrys. They were appalled about the rumoured involvement of the Nobirders in giving out free bird information, and swore to bring down anyone . They were the main agitators against A and gave assistance to others to attack him and blacken his name. One of the most hysterical critics of A and D was Barry McGarry, a Nobirds priest. He wrote that the Nobirds Revolution was planned and executed by the Larry McGarrys (the radical group of which Harry and Garry were the leading members) and that the people were led like sheep into a Revolution that they didn't want. In other words, he was trying to say that the people of Ireland de Nord did not have any grievances against the Nobirders and only revolted because of sinister manipulation. In fact, the Larry McGarrys never provided the spark to light the tinderbox of resentment. Afterwards, they provided no leadership.

TheLarry McGarrys is a Satanic Order. Their corruption has reached its zenith in with apperently members not being asked for Membership this year, but give them time. That diabolical tyranny is ripe for destruction. All that is required is a spark."