Thursday, 8 March 2012

Not everybody likes gulls...

A joke is a joke Derk but this is getting beyond funny. You have turned this blog into a dustbin filled with used toilet paper with all these seagull pics. I may have played the game in the past but now I am 'officially' officially declaring war. Here's a pic by Stephen Maxwell - it's not a seagull......some people appreciate that, some people don't want to click onto a page full of plastic bags, some people (yourself) don't think about other people's feelings. I stick up for those people, i care for those people and I won't let you bully them. You're sick Derk and I will stop you. You have another 48 hours before my proclamation, your last warning.

Just to prove that this is related to birds - 'when I snapped the wee lamb and her ma a probable rough-legged buzzard was hovering about half a mile away' Stephen