Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday Sex

Isn't that what Sunday is for? Take a look through the Gideon bible next time you're staying in a holiday inn - nowhere in there does it say 'no sex on a sunday'. Mind you, I wouldn't touch the bible with a bargepole as I've sold my soul to Mephistopheles......just a tiny part and he said I could have it back any time I just might be a little bit charred and shrivelled up with hate when he returns it which is fair enough. Anyway, if there is no sex on a sunday then how come butterflies like these Ringlets can get away with it? I've watched butterflies have sex on a sunday loads of times but then I am a pervert. Derk likes to watch seagulls having sex which is fair enough - it's when he tries to join in that I object to. Thanks to Sam Millar for these pics taken on sunday afternoon last year.