Friday, 20 April 2012

Bird News 20th April

Thanks to Ian McCabe for this great photo of a Nobirds Dowitcher!

No word on the Belfast Dowitcher so far but its early in the day, i wonder how it got its name!

In Co. Down:
Here's some sightings from Gavin Ferguson

"Bout ye's!!

A male Wheatear and White Wagtail were at Sandy Bay today. At Capanagh forest a male Kestrel, three Buzzards and futher on into the Antrim hills a Peregrine was seen at height. Male Sparrowhawk on a failed ambush beside the dual carriageway at Millbrook, Larne,"

 Did I say Co. Down? Sorry, my mistake - it's just that Co. Down is so much better than Co. Antrim

Here's some pics from Gavin

Here's a Starling feeding frenzy from Alistair Prentice


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....if you don't look at this, you're mental - Binocularface

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