Friday, 6 April 2012

Bird News Friday 6th April

In Co. Donegal:
He just couldn't help himself - he's away to Peru in the morning on a top secret mission (no doubt trying to seed Latin America with white-winged gulls - ever heard of CITES Derk? you're getting as bad as the nobirds!)......but oh no, he just had to go to Killybegs for one last time. You're a very sad man Derk.

"6 Kumlien's (3 adult, 3rd winter, 2 first winters) - 2 adults and first winter are new birds. 29 Iceland and 3 Glaucous."

Well, Derk - you think you're smart but moth season has just begun. I will now be able to batter you with non-gull pics for the next 6 months. I will not relent. I will grind you into dust. You will be a mere caterpillar to my parasitoid wasp. I will reign supreme! ....when I get my camera fixed.

In Co. Down:
15 Red-throated Divers were off Murlough NNR (Bob Shaw.....the traitorous swine)

The bloody 3rd winter /adult Iceland Gull is still eating poop off Newcastle Harbour sewage outfall (Bobby Bob the traitourous dog Shaw)

Here's some pics from Alistair Prentice


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