Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bird News Sunday 8th April

In Co. Antrim:
THe subadult male American Wigeon was still at Portmore Lough RSPB (N. Warnock)

In Co. Down:
A drake Green-winged Teal was at the Castle Island Hide on the Quoile Pondage near Downpatrick. A Little Gull and a 1st winter Iceland Gull were also seen (K. Bennett)

A Housemartin was seen over Begney Lough, near Dromara (@wildliferanger1 aka Adam West)

A jack snipe was at Sheep Point near Groomsport (R. Weyl)

Late news from Yesterday because I'm lazy....

An Iceland Gull was at Portballintrae (S. Morton)

A Little Egret was seen from the train just outside Belfast (Seaview) (M. Jamison)

Derek the Lying Git update.....
He's not in Peru! The lying get - I can't believe that. He's actually in Spain. What a big fibber.

"Albacete Steepes (he's got the accent right at least). NW gale and hailstones - 70 Rock Sparrow,120 Calandra Lark, 2 Water Pipit, 50 Pallid Swift, 4 Stone Curlew, 15 Great Bustard, 2 Little Bustard, 10 lesser kestrel, 3 gull-billed tern, 70 pin-tailed sandgrouse, hobby"

What a git....


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