Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bird News Tuesday 10th April

In Co. Antrim:
The drake American Wigeon was still present at Portmore Lough RSPB

A 2nd winter Iceland Gull was at Portballintrae (Simon Morton)

In Co. Down:
A 1st year Iceland gull and a merlin at Ballyquintin Point. (Richard Weyl)

1 x little gull, 1 x green-winged teal, quoile pondage, castle island hide. 2 x lesser redpoll, RSPB Harbour Reserve (Stephen Maxwell)

Here's a pic of an Aquatic White-winged Bat from Ronald Surgenor

Shock News just in about a week ago.....
It seems the nobirds lads are finally getting their act together - the nobirds report is imminent (whatever that means). Rumours abound about gagging orders to suppress the exact date and rumour also has it that Larry McGarry is now going out with Courtney Love (well, who hasn't?), the fame has already got to Barry and he's on crystal meth and Hairy Harry may finally be able to afford complete body electrolysis. Garry McGarry remains unchanged - he's still wearing his Chumley non-chafe slacks.

So there you go - and they didn't even charge people for membership this year. Makes you wonder what being a member actually means. Harry, Larry, Barry and Garry are all members.

Lying Git Update...!!
You gotta wonder why Derk is on the run in Spain and laid a spoof trail that he was going to Peru. I'll tell you why - cos he's scared of moths.

Double Shock News!!!!
There's 3 Herring Gulls on my neighbours roof - for once I've a soft spot for gulls. It's illegal to disturb a nesting bird don't you know? Gull crap down the chimney - hard to beat.

Is anybody listening?!?!
The nobirds lads are about to publish their report! (if you don't charge for 'membership' do you really exist as an Association? Good question there Arnold,I think you've won that argument)

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