Monday, 23 April 2012

Dave and Orcilla Busted

International Crime Duo Orcilla and Dave Hadrick have been arrested by the PSNI Drug Squad. Their house had been staked out after their recent visit to Hungary and when these 2 Common Cranes arrived last Friday at their address officers became suspicious. Common Cranes are normally tall and sleek and on checking the Collins Guide they decided to arrest the Common Cranes. They grabbed hold of their throats and made they disgorge the packages they had swallowed which amounted to over £1 million pound off Cocaine. The Cranes are none the worse off for their ordeal and are currently at Lough Beg refuelling. Dave and Orcillas well paid Solicitor (Dave and Orcilla are on legal aid as both havent worked a day in their lives) is confiedent of getting the Teflon Duo out on bail today.
Thanks to Dave for the photo taken recently in Hungary