Thursday, 12 April 2012

Double Dose of Git

I forgot all about Derk being in Spain. Easy to do as Derk has quite a forgettable face. He's also quite forgetful - so much so that he left me in charge of this blog. He forgot what a prick I can be. As you can see though I've been quite easy on him and I've been especially easy on the nobirds this past while. I feel for them (the nobirds that is, not Derk, I have only contempt for him and his gull-bothering ilk) - it must be hard to see a once proud organisation headbutt itself to death

'Ruddy Shelduck, White-winged Black Tern, 6 Collared Pratincole, osprey, bearded tit, 2 Great Spotted Cuckoo, 60 White-headed Duck, 3 black kite, 200 gull-billed tern, 20 lesser kestrel, 3 great bustard, redstart, 40 black-necked grebe, 100 whiskered tern,6 hoopoe, 20 cattle egret, 20 kentish plover and 4 LARRY MCGARRYS!!'

'Corncrake, 5 great reed warbler, garganey, 5 cetti's, 3 purple bog hen, 3 monty's, black-eared wheatear, 2 purple heron, 4 red-rumped swallow, jack snipe, 5 water pipit, 20 black kite, nightingale, 50 lesser kestrel, redstart, 120 White-headed duck - dipped lesser flamingo again'

It's good to know that he's dipping. Here's a picture of a Glaucous-winged Moth from Ronald Surgenor