Thursday, 19 April 2012

Larry McGarry en Espana

Larry McGarry in Spanish is Larry McGarry which is a bit weird. However Larry McGarrys are famous in Spain and everywhere we went we people went crazy when they heard we were from Northern Ireland. Their Television Show cunningly entitled "The McGarrys" is on pay per view every night in Barcelona. It costs £10 every night to see the show which involves a lot of slapstick humour, suppressing and people trying to make them say sorry. Of course they never do but thats part of the fun and the finale of the show is Garry McGarry doing that funny thing he does on Harry McGarrys back. The four main characters called Larry, Barry, Harry and Garry live in a Morris Minor and drive round Spian finding many rarities. They report them back to the heavy breather who then doesnt tell anyone. They often run over predestrians and are chased about the place by baddies, baldies and the Spanish Civil Police.
The Spaniards just cannot get enough. Vive La McGarrys. Photo is taken off the TV screen in our hotel room but dont worry we didnt pay a tenner to see the show we ran out the next morning without paying!