Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Outlaw Duck

We havent heard from our old friend Outlaw Duck for a while, but he has told us that the Nobirds Report is finally ready for the off! Its an all action packed edition 2009 - 2011 and full of records of Ruffs and Chiffchaffs with the odd Penguin thrown in. Photos? Well dont mention them they have over 300 photos of NI Rares and finally their Coup De Grace is that they have a top secret paper on Hen Harriers! The Post Office have the contract for delivery so before you can say End of July your Nobirds report will be on your doormat. Keep a 60p stamp handy as a begging letter will be attached to it for another inflation busting membership fee of £10.

These real Outlaw Ducks were photographed recently at a top secret location but i can reveal at least a little bit of the location to keep you guessing Ca_tle Espi_ Its not easy and i doubt that few will get it.