Thursday, 19 April 2012

Triste Y Solitorio

We havent heard much from Sad and Lonely for a while but thats because he is in Albacete in Spain where he is an absolute legend. He is known coloqiully as "Numero de un Larguero! Unfortuneatly we didnt see the Mytical Legend ourselves but we did find a statue off the Irish Hero. To be fair to him its not very flattering and he does appear to be carrying a little holiday weight and he no longer is the "el sigilo observador de aves" he purports to be but who are we to argue with the Spanish People!
The receptionist at our hotel excitedly told us about a nest of an "AZOR" that "Triste Y Solitorio" had found just the day before in the local park, we rushed round to see it but the wires must have got crossed as it was only the nest of a "Gavilan" The more everything changes the more it stays the same...