Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Moths Win Again

Ah, it's been a while so here's a load of moth pics - I might have used them before but I'm flushing my hard drive and anyway all gulls look the same so what's the difference? If you want to know what they are.....spend a few quid and buy an id guide or visit ukmoths.
Tomorrow is the day I steal my wife's new camera - she doesn't know it yet and it's probably not a good idea to advertise it on the blog but it's too late, I'm writing this behind the woodpile next to my moth trap at Murlough and I've hidden her car keys...and let down a tire.....and put her phone in the microwave......and poked the child in the ribs as I snuck out so he started gurning - you never can be too careful, expect more moth pics tomorrow maybe.