Friday, 31 August 2012

A Letter from Mr Dickey

This is the view of the Skerries from my new home since the day i decided to get out of the rat race and paddle into the sunset - A cave at Magheracross viewpoint! Although its isolated the milkman comes every morning and i also get potatoes and double cream off him. I dont need eggs as i have a plentiful supply from the nesting flocks of Gyrfalcons.
The rooks are my servants and they do all my cleaning and ironing and here they can be seen begging for mercy after I discovered that they had been  meeting in secret with the McGarrys! But they claimed that they had been giving the McGarrys ten pounds a year (which is a lot for an unemployed rook) for the past 4 years and still no bird report! The Rooks think they have been taken on. I feel sorry for them, the rooks not the McGarrys.
I have no bird photos to send you as i am currently studying the Irish Bee population.