Monday, 27 August 2012

Bird News Monday 27th August

In Co.Antrim: The escaped Falcon has been seen again at the Giants Causeway and it has a big black ring on its leg. (according to the Nobirders its now a presumed escape!!) An escaped bird is an escaped bird unless they are going to try and claim its from a ringing project in Greenland. Put nothing past them. How much petrol and peoples time and money have they wasted on reporting this???? Naughty naughty Nobirders and these are the people adjudicateing on your records!!! Time for resignations?? We hope so! Add this cock up to their ever growing list! Think it could be time for a rant!!

The Nobirders are still unbelieveable and useing phrases like "it may not be truly wild" and "following the Gyr excitement" What planet are they actually on. We have photographs of the Gyr but we are not going to use they because its an escape. Its not a possible escape or a aprobable escape or whatever phraase the Nobirders use on the Blog or Flapline its an escape. Their stupidy has cost lots of people lots of money. If you wanat to see a Gyr even closer up contact us and i will give you several owners of Gyrs!

In Co.Londonderry: 6 Garganey and a Spotted Redshank were at  Lough Beg

In Co.Down: The Black Tern was still at Belfast Lough RSPB Reserve