Monday, 27 August 2012

Gyrfalcon photo! It is one honest Guv!


After hearing reports of a large white falcon on the giants causeway last week I was chomping at the bit to get back out (I've pantomime horsed), but having to work for a living is a bitch! then I remembered I'd photographed a strange white bird while I was up around the giants causeway area last wednesday but being extremely hung over from drinking the local home brew the nite before I'd forgotten even taking the photo until now, in fact i forgot i even had a camera. As well as the home brew i also drank 4 Baileys and 6 vodka all in a pint glass! I was that drunk i forgot where i had parked my horse and ended up sleeping in a fushia bush behind the pub.
After extensive research on the internet and looking at photos on your (naughty, naughty) sisters Nobirds McGarys ( we will make some up as we dont have any of our own)birding site I can only come to one conclusion, I photographed the Gyrfalcon just as it swooped down for a chunk of veda and mistook the thing for a glaucous gull, what a plonker! I feel that much of a Plonker im going to join the Nobirders! I should have known better when I'd heard the jingle of its little bells (its a key identifying feature of out of place falcons) I know you guys wont let me tick it but the Nobirders will! Joy to the Nobirders!! Does anyone else think the Nobirders photos looks very like a drunk and dishevelled Fulmar, perhaps the same Fulmar that was drinking with me in the pub???

Ronald (im ticking the Gyrfalcon) Surgenor