Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Honey Buzzard Photo!

 No further news on the nobirds Honey Buzzard but yet another email from Turkey!!
Dear Mr Derek ... Bout Ye!
What a coincidence!! A Honey Buzzard near Downpatrick on the same tday 
that I took delivery of several crates of fine HB Ale for the bar at the 
rear of my barber shop.
I am progressing at 'a hell of a lick' with the TUFL ( Teaching Ulster 
as a Foreign Language ) Course.
Today I had three 'boys' from East Belfast in ' the shap' for some 
nostril and ear-hair trims.
One had so much nasal hair that it caught fire when I applied the 
burning taper and he yelled ' are ye trying to singe me effin sinuses?'
One of the 'boys' was wearing a King Billy T shirt.
King Billy was sitting on a fine white horse.
I asked them what was his horse called and they all fell about laughing 
when one of the said " Belle ... cos when it came out a the Boyne it was 
wringin' "
I am not quite understanding the Ulster humour yet.

But they gave me a tip for next July. They have told me to go to "Barney Eastwoods"
and put 50quid on King James to win the Sham Fight, as the Papal C is due a wan!
Halis Olgun
(special thanks to Stephen Maxwell)