Thursday, 30 August 2012

Is anyone there?

It's nice to contact you two muppets again. I thought that you'd gone forever more is the pity that you havent! No Gyrfalcons for you - no birds at all in fact! I can't remember seeing either of these on that thing you call a blog before, so, taken at Slieveanorra Forest, Co.Antrim yesterday are a Giant Wood Wasp and a Small Copper. Not as good as a Moth, but better than a Seagull! Lets face it the only good seagull is a dead one.
                                            Best Wishes
                                                   Andrew Poots
PS- It may interest you to know that its supposed enormous sting is in fact a very long ovipositor, which it buries deep in rotten wood when laying its eggs( Collins Guide to British Wildlife and the fact it didnt sting me!!)