Friday, 24 August 2012

Museings from Ankara

Dear Mr Derek  ... how's she cuttin? The full of the blade I hope!!
I have now downloaded the reading list for my TUFL Correspondence Course 
and have bought the ebook of the writings of Amanda McKittrick Ros - the 
famous Ulster novelist and poet.
I am particularly fond of this stanza
On Carrick shore I stood and stood
And gazed across at Holywood
I gazed and gazed and there was her
Standing on the Kinnegar
Would that be the same Kinnegar - Mr Derek - where you took that 
wonderful photograph of Larus minutus?
'The Boys from the East' are still lapping up the Honey Buzzard.
One of them winked at me and said " Halis, remember 1690". I asked him 
what was the significance of 1690 and he told be that when the fish and 
chip 'shap' - For Cod and Ulster - opened up in East Belfast one of 
their specials was the " King Billy Bucket " - a family meal treat that 
cost 16.90.
All the rest of 'The Boys' fell about laughing at this point.
But I digress Mr Derek.
Have you ever been to Ankara?
We have some black swans in a park at the end of the main shopping area. 
I am not talking about young nubile ballet dancers Mr Derek but 'The 
Real McCoy'.
I attach a pic that I took last night in the park of a splashy duck.
See you later alligator!