Sunday, 26 August 2012

Nearly New for Ireland!?

No sign of Derek, he told everybody he was away to Inishbofin but we all know he's holed up in Killybegs stuffing 5 yoyo notes behind the tertiaries of a tasty looking gull hybrid from estonia

Here's one of them there Brown Kind-of-Yellow-y Striped Non-Flounced Carpet Sandpaper Underwing moths. Obviously this is the first confirmed record for Ireland - and to think I found it on the inside of a discarded Country Fried Chicken container at Murlough NNR. That must bring it up to oooooh I dunno - 496 species of moths recorded at this site?

Hypsosigia? Hyposparagus? Hip-hopyepigye..................Hypsopygia glaucinalis, aye that might be it, finger lickin' good.