Monday, 27 August 2012

New Restauarant Donaghadee!

Dear Mister Derek's it hangin'?
The Boys have almost exhausted the supply of Honey Buzzard Ale. They 
leave for Belfast tomorrow and my brother-in-law who owns the restaurant 
next to the 'shap' is treating them to his speciality dish of Ortolan 
Bunting and sauteed spuds.
The Boys have suggested that he serve them up with bowls of Champ ( 
mashed potatoes and spring onions ... or'scallions' ) with their heads 
poking out.
I showed The Boys the wonderful photograph that you took .. Mister Derek 
... at the Barmouth of the hundreds of Manx Shearwaters and one of them 
said 'there's tons of them wee boys on the Copelands'.
They have asked my brother-in-law to be Head Chef at a new  seafood 
restaurant that they intend to open in North Down.
I have attached a poster.
I have to skedaddle now Mister Derek
Courtesy off our Turkish Correspondent Stephen Maxwell!